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Why is Craig Wright Satoshi?

Dr. Craig S. Wright

Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity was a mystery until 2015, when news outlets published the outcome of a months’ long investigation into the inventor of Bitcoin: Satoshi Nakamoto was Australian computer scientist Dr. Craig Wright.

Soon after, individuals who had worked with Satoshi Nakamoto in the early days of Bitcoin as well as subject matter experts began to come out in recognition of Dr. Wright as Satoshi. These include Gavin Andresen, the man who assumed control of Bitcoin after Satoshi’s disappearance; renowned cryptographer Ian Grigg; economist and tech visionary George Gilder; and more.

Beyond this, Dr. Wright has been reluctant to answer to any calls for proof, other than via the legal system. In the years since his involuntary outing, Dr. Wright has entered into a series of litigation relating to various aspects of his identity as Satoshi Nakamoto. Via the evidence filed in these cases, key pieces of evidence have filtered into the public domain which show that Dr. Wright is the only sensible candidate for the invention of Bitcoin.

These include meeting minutes from Dr. Wright’s time working at BDO in 2007 show the discussion of a project involving peer-to-peer e-cash and a white paper due to be released in 2008 and testimony from Royal Australian Air Force Wing Commander (and Uncle to Dr. Wright) Don Lynam confirming that he was given a draft copy of the white paper before its release.

In 2021, the UK High Court recognized Dr. Wright’s authorship copyright in the white paper. Later that year, he successfully defended a hundred-billion-dollar lawsuit in Florida which was launched on the basis that Dr. Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin White Paper

The Bitcoin white paper is available here.

The Bitcoin white paper was published on October 31, 2008, under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. It described a peer-to-peer system of electronic cash that is suit for daily use including for ‘small casual transactions’, as noted on page 1 of the white paper. This is distinct from the vision of cryptocurrency manifest in BTC and others, where the focus is on digital assets as a store of value.

Professional consultancy firm MNP found that BSV is the digital asset project which most accurately represents the vision set out in the white paper.


A large number of Bitcoin experts, including those who worked closely with Satoshi Nakamoto during Bitcoin’s early development, have given personal testimony regarding Dr. Wright’s status as Bitcoin’s inventor.

Jon Matonis: “For cryptographic proof in my presence, Craig signed and verified a message using the private key from block #1 newly-generated coins and from block #9 newly-generated coins (the first transaction to Hal Finney). The social evidence, including his unique personality, early emails that I received, and early drafts of the Bitcoin white paper, points to Craig as the creator. I also received satisfactory explanations to my questions about registering the domain and the various time-of-day postings to the BitcoinTalk forum. Additionally, Craig’s technical working knowledge of public key cryptography, Bitcoin’s addressing system, and proof-of-work consensus in a distributed peer-to-peer environment is very strong.

Gavin Andresen, the man who assumed control of Bitcoin after Satoshi’s disappearance: “I am convinced beyond a reasonable doubt: Craig Wright is Satoshi.”

Ian Grigg, renowned cryptographer: “I confirm that this is true, both from direct knowledge and a base of evidence.”

Tech visionary and renowned economist George Gilder says Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto in his address to the American Institute for Economic Research (14:20)

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A polymath, Dr. Craig Wright has written papers on a broad number of topics and in a variety of outlets. These topics range from highly technical, novel analyses of Bitcoin, to cryptography and information security, and even to subjects as esoteric as the ancient Seleukid Empire.

Of particular note is Dr. Wright’s early writings demonstrating that Bitcoin is Turing complete, a first at the time.


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A full list of Dr. Wright’s academic and research papers, including links, can be found here. The list is reproduced below:

  • Wright, Craig S (2008) Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System
  • Wright, Craig S (2011) Starting to Write Your Own Shellcode
  • Wright, Craig S (2017) The Illusion of Scale in Segregated Witness
  • Wright, Craig S (2017) Testing Homogeneity of Variance
  • Wright, Craig S, Savanah, S (2017) The Fallacy of the Selfish Miner in Bitcoin: An Economic Critique
  • Wright, Craig S (2017) Proof of Work as it Relates to the Theory of the Firm
  • Wright, Craig S (2017) The Impact of Internet Intermediary Liability
  • Wright, Craig S (2017) Investigation of the Potential for Using the Bitcoin Blockchain as the World’s Primary Infrastructure for Internet Commerce
  • Wright, Craig S (2017) Electronic Contracting, New Wine in Old Bottles Wright, Craig S (2018) Turing Complete Bitcoin Script White Paper
  • Wright, Craig S (2017) Requirements for Record Keeping and Document Destruction in a Digital World
  • Wright, Craig S (2017) The Irrationality Defense of Paternalism
  • Wright, Craig S (2018) A Distribution Protocol for Dealerless Secret Distribution
  • Wright, Craig S (2018) The Fallacy of Selfish Mining in Bitcoin: A Mathematical Critique
  • Wright, Craig S (2018) Beyond Godel
  • Wright, Craig S (2018) Searching for Exploits, SCAPY Fuzzing
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  • Wright, Craig S (2018) Understanding Conditionals in Shellcode
  • Wright, Craig S (2018) Starting to Write Your Own Linux Shellcode
  • Wright, Craig S (2018) Extending Control, API Hooking
  • Wright, Craig S (2018) Beyond Automated Tools and Frameworks: The Shellcode Injection Process
  • Wright, Craig S (2018) Taking Control, Functions to DLL Injection
  • Wright, Craig S (2018) A Proof of Turing Completeness in Bitcoin Script
  • Wright, Craig S (2018) Bitcoin: A Total Turing Machine
  • Wright, Craig S (2019) Payments Providers and Intermediaries as Defined in the Law of the Internet
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  • Wright, Craig S (2020) Communism, Envy, and the Desire to Promote Toxic Equality
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  • Wright, Craig S (2021) A critical review of De Callatay, 2005. The Graeco-Roman economy in the super long-run: lead, copper and shipwrecks
  • Wright, Craig S (2021) Establishing Meaning in the First Amendment
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  • Wright, Craig S (2021) Rome and the Road to the Distant East
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  • Wright, Craig S (2021) Anecdote and Hearsay in Science: The Need To Validate Source Material
  • Wright, Craig S (2021) An exploration of ingroup behaviour and social psychology in developing socially abhorrent behaviours in social media and financial systems
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  • Wright, Craig S (2022) The Evolution of Meaning: The Foundation of the American State Papers
  • Wright, Craig S (2022) Simmering Conflicts and War by other means: The Seleukid Empire of Antiochus III
  • Wright, Craig S (2022) An Analysis of Psych9metric Testing for the COO Role
  • Wright, Craig S (2022) The Odyssey: An Endless Story of Reaching Home
  • Wright, Craig S (2022) Arab Colonialism and the Roots of the Golden Age of Islam
  • Wright, Craig S (2022) Forensic Profiling of ‘Cryptocurrency’ Criminals



  • Doctor of Philosophy – Charles Sturt University (2017)
  • Doctor of Business Administration (Bridge DBA Program) - Grand Canyon University (2021)


  • Master of Networking and Systems Administration – Charles Sturt University (2005)
  • Master of Management (Information Technology) - Charles Sturt University (2006)
  • Master of Laws (International Commercial Law) – University of Northumbria (2008)
  • Master of Information Systems Security – Charles Sturt University (2009)
  • Master of Statistics – University of Newcastle Australia (2012)
  • Master of Science (Information Security Engineering) – Sans Technology Institute (2012)
  • Master of Science (Information Security Engineering) - Sans Technology Institute (2012)
  • Master of Science (Information Security Management) - Sans Technology Institute (2012)
  • Master of Science in Finance (Quantitive Finance) - University of London (2020)
  • Master of Science (Political Science) - Liberty University (2021) 


Dr. Craig Wright has been awarded more blockchain patents than any other person on earth. Here is a link to view all his awarded patents.


Satoshi Nakamoto took great care to maintain OPSEC when building and releasing Bitcoin, meaning much of Bitcoin’s history has been purposefully obfuscated. Below is a timeline of Bitcoin and Dr. Wright’s involvement based on available evidence, primarily from court filings.